FanExpo 2014

UPDATE – Video of WGC Panel on Monetizing Web Series.

The good folks at the WGC have posted the video of our panel at Fan Expo – and here it is:

Here’s my original post:

Just a quick note to say I’ll be attending FanExpo 2014 in Toronto. I won’t be running a table like we did last year – although that was fun we’ve been swamped with all sorts of things and just couldn’t pull it together for this time around. I will, however, be on two different panels:

Writers Guild of Canada – Monetizing the Web Series
with Jill Golick, JP Laroque, Stephanie Kaliner and Rob Mills

Discussing and sharing experiences of the independent web series creators community efforts to find
sources of funding and revenue. Here’s the FanExpo post.

Friday, August 29th
3:45 pm Room 715

Sheridan College Presents: Puppets for Film and Television
with Fred Stinson and Rob Mills

Showcasing and discussing a brief history and techniques of puppetry and animatronics for the big and
small screen. We’ll have puppets there and it’ll be lots of fun. Here’s the FanExpo post.

Saturday, August 30th
11:15 am Room 703

The folks at Sheridan (where the amazing Jane Edmondson teaches) were our generous collaborators on last year’s Ruffus Steampunk Adventure trailer. There’s still more work to do on that project and I’ll be posting more on that here soon. Meanwhile, I’ll can be found wandering around FanExpo – maybe with Ruffus – and meeting up with friends while trying not to spend money on all the cool shit that will be on display. See you there. Don’t be shy. Introduce yourselves.


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