Writer, Director, Producer, Puppeteer, VFX Artist, Code Monkey, Curmudgeon.

I used to be a mime on the street; then I worked for the Muppets as a puppeteer and body costume performer doing things like Fraggle Rock, Labyrinth and a lot of other stuff. After that I began my own production company and helped make a whack of television shows for kids like The Big Comfy Couch, Ruffus The Dog, Panda Bear Daycare, Amigo & Me and Land O’ Hands.

Apparently I was good enough at it be nominated a whole bunch of times and won a Gemini and a Writers Guild award and some other things. It was fun.

I still work in TV from time time but not a lot. I was an Exec. Producer at KidsCBC for a while and I freelance as a writer and director when I get the chance.

Now I’m mostly making video things for the web like Ruffus The Dog and In Teh Toobs and Rubber Chicken Players. I do a lot of this shooting in my house. It’s convenient. All my stuff is here and there are snacks in the fridge.

I’m excited to be part of a group of web creators here in Toronto who, like many others around the world, are seizing the opportunity afforded to us by the disruptive tools of democratized media. That’s a shit load of buzzwords that means we don’t have to ask permission to make our works and reach an audience. I like that – a lot. The community of web series creators across Canada has been growing exponentially and I’m very proud to be among the founding members of a non-profit professional organization called (what else?) the Independent Web Series Creators of Canada (I.W.C.C.). I was, for a time, the Interim President of the IWCC and our new board and the growing membership at large have great plans for the days ahead. While continuing to puppeteer and just generally being a pain in the ass to others in the industry I am also the Director of Acquisitions & Content Development for GoFlow Streaming TV, a Roku based channel.

When I’m not pinching my head to splatter some brain juice on these blog pages I’m either writing scripts (call my agent, I need a paying gig) or directing or puppeteering or baking bread or cooking weird and obscure cuts of meat or coding some shitty app of my own or drawing cartoons or sleeping or wiping my ass or swilling beer at some local dive. In a perfect world I’d be able to do all of them all at the same time. Most of them anyway. Maybe someday.

The world is changing everyday. Enjoy the ride.

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