TO WebFest 2014 – Trailer

This here is a wee little thing put together by the immensely amazing – (and awesomely wicked – her words) – Regan Latimer, whom I had the immense pleasure and privilege of collaborating with to bring to THE WORLD(yes, that’s YOU – stand up and take a bow – Thank You — yes — that’s okay — just sit down now. Please. Thank you.)

Here it is: The One – The Only – The Bestest Of The Best! TO WebFest 2014 – The Official Trailer

TO WebFest 2014 – Official Trailer by towebfest

We would also like to thank the professional support of Rikki Zucker and the most amazing Jane Edmondson – (whom I will link to when she has updated her profile – ahem) – both of whom helped the whole production process make sense and make it purdy.

And – for the record – rotoscoping around Canoe’s Keanu’s head is really hard to do. I don’t know what it is (maybe he’s so zen his head actually wobbles) but it was truly difficult and I stand in awe of any FX artist who makes the impossible become a visual reality.


P. S. – Dear Mr. Reeves – and all those who value his opinion:

“Almost sounds like a deferential ritualized prayer to a god. Whoah.”

Please take no offense at our legitimate exercise in Parody and Fair Use Rights when re-purposing footage of your performance from The Matrix: Re-Loaded(which rocked, by the way – I don’t care what the critics and box office had to say) — We know this in no way indicates your support for independent voices in global media finding their own voice to speak back, loudly, through the telling of their stories, and continuing to be able to speak back to the world outside of established media and cultural controls.

But —

If you were so inclined as to be vocal about either any perceived (however erroneous) violation of copyright – OR – equally vocal about any support for the rights of independent artists to have an effective cultural & informational voice in today’s digital society — we would, without question, be in full support of your right to express those views. We would also support your inherent right to remain silent and be free from any self-incrimination. It’s okay. Whatever happens – It’s OK.

P.P.S. The same goes for Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures and, of course, The Wachowskis.

P.P.S.S. (is that how you do additional P.S. stuff?) – We shot this in my dining room. I sat on a small kitchen step ladder cuz we didn’t even have a big office chair. And shoes – I wasn’t wearing shoes – we had to do those in post too.

PeePeePooPoo.S.S. In case you hadn’t noticed, I was doing a Wil Wheaton impersonation. That is my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

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