Internet Freedom Day – Martin Luther King

Internet Freedom Day, the anniversary of the largest internet protest (against SOPA) is being celebrated around the world wide web with an act of civil disobedience to simultaneously honour Dr. Martin Luther King and Aaron Swartz.

If SOPA had been passed I could go to jail for posting this video. It is copyrighted – even though it is a record of a public speech and an historic moment. Legislation like SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, TPP and a myriad of other crocks of shit that are likely to come down the line from the egregious bastard spawn of corporate control and political corruption must always be met with reasoned rage and relentless defiance. Even a small act, like posting this video, has an effect and makes a difference and plods us ever further toward constructive change.

Share this video. Stand up for freedom.

Then read the painfully sad words of Lawrence Lessig as he speaks out about the death and legacy of Aaron Swartz. My heart goes out to him.

After that, if you can spare the time, have a listen to the hour-long tribute to Swartz on 2600’s “Off The Hook” podcast. It’s a difficult but necessary thing to hear.

It’s good to dream. It’s important to act.

Go hug those you love.

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