5-25-12: The Jumpstart for 5-25-77

Remember last year on my old blog when I posted about the indie comedy 5-25-77? No? Well check out the link and then come back. Or – just watch the trailer right here for this as-yet-to-be-released awesomesauce feature film – and then keep reading below:

The original filmmakers are embarking on a cross-country road trip to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the release of Star Wars and have turned to the crowdfunding site Fundrazr to cover their costs – and here is why they are doing it:

From Patrick Johnson’s Fundrazr page:

There are distributors who have said they’d be happy to release “5-25-77”, as long as THEY didn’t have to pay to finish it. My goal is to raise the 500K needed to do the final post-production work on “5-25-77” by asking the film’s intended audience to help me.

So– For 30 days, I’ll drive from Wadsworth, Illinois to Hollywood (and certain points North…), visiting places that have inspired the dreams of sci-fi fans and filmmakers alike. Devil’s Tower, Wyoming– Meteor Crater, Arizona– Roswell, New Mexico– are just a few of the stops on the road-side attraction route. Along the way, I will test screen the film in small-town theaters, drive-ins, and even fans’ backyards– building awareness and gathering publicity with the help of influential media personalities who are ALREADY supporters of the film. (At least ONE of whom is actually IN the film!) If all goes according to plan– and maybe ESPECIALLY if it DOESN’T– by the end of the journey, we will hopefully have caught the attention of 3 very important people that I intend to visit and gift with copies of the film they inspired.

These 3 meetings will, in one way or another, bring emotional and artistic closure to a dream that started 35 years ago. And ONE meeting, in particular, will maybe– just MAYBE– finally help put “5-25-77” in theaters everywhere.

All of this will be documented and made available, daily, by the filmmakers– (AND promoted by the many bloggers and sites that have shown support for us over the years) for viewing by anyone who wants to watch– or better yet, INTERCEPT OUR COURSE, join the caravan, or otherwise participate in my journey to Hollywood and Beyond the Infinite– with the best (and WORST) moments of the adventure finally condensed into “Hearts of Dorkness”.

I know I want to see this film very badly. It speaks to my inner dork, eternal geek and forever freak in the same way as Fanboys and Super-8 did.

Help ’em out.

May the Force live long and prosper with you – or something like that.


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