An Invocation For Beginnings – Ze Frank Is Back

A Show With Ze Frank is up and running. He kicks it off with this amazing first video: An Invocation For Beginnings.

From March 17 2006 to March 17 2007 Ze Frank ran a playful, inspiring and goofily funny web series called simply The Show. He engaged with his audience in ways that made them loyal fans (Sport Racers!), creative contributors and eager participants in dressing their vacuum cleaners, making Earth sandwiches and remixing Ray. If you haven’t experienced The Show you should. While the real-time fun has passed the archived shows and the wiki are worth digging into.

I had the pleasure of contributing a little stop-motion opening for The Show which inspired the rest of that episode all about Scrabble.

For this new venture Ze turned to Kickstarter, hoping to raise $50,000 – he came away with almost $150,000. That’s a loyal base of true fans. Here’s his pitch video:

I can’t wait to see what fun fun good times will erupt as A Show With Ze Frank progresses.


P.S. You may notice from time to time in some of our own productions one of Ze’s “Thinking So You Don’t Have To” coffee mugs stuck into a scene or two.

We asked – he said: “Sure!” Just our way of saying thanks for all the duckies.

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