My New Blog

I’ve had a blog going since 2006 on my old web site and it has endured a number of changes in style, structure and content over the years – usually when I fucked up something and didn’t have anything archived. A big chunk of what I used to do can be found, in bits and pieces, via’s Wayback Machine.

Depending on my state of mind and the state of whatever was obsessing me at the time my blog posts would range from gentle musings, shared inspirations, straight out facts & info and the occasional blistering screed – my blogging equivalent of standing in the middle of the street late at night in my underwear with a bottle of Jack Daniels in one hand and a flaming Louisville slugger in the other howling at the clouds as the neighbours lights come on.

I don’t do that so much anymore.

Too stressful.

Besides, I have other things to concern myself with.

During the past 6 years of blogging I’ve also been farting around with various forms of online storytelling and video production. It’s been very sweet watching the growth of that community from the early days of Vlogger Con (Remember that? It’s fun listening to Leo Laporte and guests try to figure out this newfangled video blogging thang in one of his early TWiT shows.) Through that time the tech and the content and the number of people creating the content have all grown exponentially and what was once the purview of individual artisans and activists hacking their video through blogging software has evolved right along with the introduction and expansion of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter (among many others) which has served to accelerate the democratization of media tools and audience access. It’s been awesome.

Hunter S. Thompson once famously said: “When the going gets weird the weird turn pro.” and I think that’s been applicable to the growth of creative communities making video content for the web. It’s becoming a business that is both viable for independent creators as well as growing competition for the old guard major media companies. Hell – it’s such a fucking cat stampede out there with not just video but also apps, games, music, publishing, streaming, heads exploding – you get the idea: the world’s relationship with media is changing dramatically and, just as it was back in the days of Vlogger Con, content creators are getting organized to represent their interests and support each other as artists, innovators and entrepreneurs.

What this blog will be mostly about is the production of video content for web distribution. The people making neat stuff, my own efforts in that arena, and the continuing development of the tools and policies that are enhancing or impeding the growth and development of this new audience relationship with creators.

Yeah, I’ll occasionally slip into some overly politicized rant about free speech, net neutrality, censorship and dickweed short-sighted greedy-ass-pants fascist corporate fuckwads – but only when they pull more asshat moves like ACTA, SOPA, PIPA or whatever other frickin’ acronym rises up in their efforts to screw our ability to see, hear and speak freely across the web. I will try to be as levelheaded and informative as I can during such times but for the most part I’ll probably just grit my teeth, sign another in a long series of petitions and quietly agitate my support for true reform to ensure the continuance of an open net.

It’s either that or I go dancing in the streets with Jack and Louis in my underwear – and no one wants to see that.

This is a new template I’m using with WordPress is called F8 Lite and it’s probably going to take me a while to figure out all the bells and whistles and make sure it plays nice with the content I want to slap up here. And, since this blog has never really been a source of income for me, I’ll be busy with paying gigs (hopefully) as well as my own multiple projects for online video.

So that’s it. My new home on the web is now up. Subscribe. Come back again. Smoke ’em if you got ’em. At ease. Chill out. Relax. Smile.


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